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I thought it was about time I started a new blog about life in Glasgow and my travels around the country/world. I’m no critically acclaimed writer but I sometimes end up at some interesting events and I do tend to spend time looking at parts of the city that other people just ignore. With this in mind, hopefully you’ll find some interesting topics to read about and some great photos to look at.

The first thing I thought I would talk about is how the M74 motorway extension is still missing from Google (and Bing) maps.

m74 motorway google maps

As you can see from the picture above it has still not been added to the map of Glasgow even though it opened on the 28th of June. This might not be a huge problem except that so many people now rely on Google maps for navigation that it could easily cause people to get lost or even cause accidents.

Since I’ve not see a recent update from TomTom then I am assuming that they too haven’t updated their maps? If anyone reads this and has tried their TomTom on the new road then please comment.

On the plus side, the new road is an amazing addition to the city and it seems to be saving people a lot of time in commuting. I’ve not been across the whole thing yet, as I’ve been coming off at Polmadie, and I’ve not been a passenger yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing the rest and enjoying the views across the city.



Google have said that the M74 extension will be added once their provider, Tele Atlas, update their data. In regards to time scales, they have said that this could take a LONG time. More info hereĀ