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While walking down by the Clyde at lunch time I spent some time looking at 260 Clyde Street (Riverside House) which was formally home to Barfly. It’s a magnificent building and must be privy to some awesome views of the Clyde and surrounding areas. Sadly, like a lot of Glasgow’s most magnificent buildings, it seems to be almost empty now with very little sign of life. While I was looking at it there were some workers in high vis tops looking out from the top floor windows so maybe some lucky person/company is going to move in?

260 Clyde Street picture

260 Clyde Street 2 wide


So uses for this building that I can find are:


The Riverside Club

Rathbone – a youth charity

What else has been in here over the years? Do you have any pictures of the interior or views from the top floors? Please get in touch if you do so I can add them to this post.

I’ll try and get down to Clyde street with a proper camera and some time so I can get some decent pictures of the building.