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I created this list as I could not find them all together anywhere on the internet. I believe that they should all work, although some MPs use, e.g.¬†, please add a comment if you find an address that doesn’t work and I will update the list. Douglas Alexander Willie Bain Gordon Banks Anne Begg Gordon Brown Russell Brown Malcolm Bruce Iain McKenzie Menzies Campbell Alistair Carmichael Katy Clark Tom Clarke Michael Connarty Mike Crockart Margaret Curran Alistair Darling Ian Davidson Thomas Docherty Brian Donohoe Frank Doran Gemma Doyle Sheila Gilmore Tom Greatrex David Hamilton Tom Harris Jimmy Hood Stewart Hosie Cathy Jamieson Eric Joyce Charles Kennedy Mark Lazarowicz Angus MacNeil Michael McCann Gregg McClymont James McGovern Anne McGuire Ann McKechin Michael Moore Graeme Morrice David Mundell Jim Murphy Ian Murray Pamela Nash
Fiona.O’ Fiona O’Donnell Sandra Osborne Alan Reid Angus Robertson John Robertson Frank Roy Lindsay Roy Anas Sarwar James Sheridan Robert Smith Jo Swinson John Thurso Michael Weir Eilidh Whiteford Peter Wishart